A bioshelter is a new, more complex form of greenhouse that can meet important basic human needs. Bioshelters imagine a new synthesis between people and their local ecology: “…an early exploration in weaving together the sun, wind, biology and architecture on behalf of humanity.” The architecture protects the ecosystem inside from extremes of wind and cold, and absorbs the energy from sunlight that causes plants to grow and heats the air.

The ecosystem includes soil life, diverse plants, fish, insects, frogs, and people. Food is produced as nutrients cycle through plants and soil. Water is captured, stored, warmed and directed to crops and ponds.

Bioshelters of the future

Bioshelter architecture can go many promising directions, from year-round food production, ecological housing for people, purification of water and wastes, and networks of structures for travel and transport. Modular, linear bioshelters could be mass-produced and rapidly implemented. A sustainable society requires sustainable life support systems. Bioshelters would be an important step in that direction.


Water Tubes: The Holy Grail of Thermal Mass for Solar Greenhouses

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