July 16, 2021

The Greenway  architecture and systems are modular to allow for mass-production and rapid assembly.  Once built, such communities would function without fossil fuel and with circular bio-economies.

  • Housing is integrated with agriculture. 
  • Ecology is integrated with technology.
  • All ‘wastes’ are managed as resources.
  • People are integrated with the cycles of the Earth.

The need for such nature-based, self-directed communities has never been greater.

Since we started our research 50 years ago, the rate of environmental destruction and global warming has increased, threatening our food and clean water supplies. Even more alarming, phosphorus, a non-renewable and essential agricultural fertilizer, is being depleted. Presently mismanaged and wasted, it is polluting our water.

There will be no social equality and stability without food and water security. There will be no food and water security without restoring natural ecosystems. To restore natural ecosystems, ALL resources have to be recycled. Our survival depends on it.

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