The First EcoDrum on Cape Cod!

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June 7, 2019

Our neighbors at the Coonamessett Farm Foundation are having an open house party to introduce you to their awesome new composter!    

EcoDrum image

On June 6, 2019 from 5 -7 PM, visit them at 277 Hatchville Road in East Falmouth to find out why composting is not only good for the soil, it’s good for the community and the planet. Complimentary beer, wine and light appetizers will be served. RSVP here!    

After the party’s over, CFF will continue to research how rotational composting of small farm waste can close the food-nutrient cycle, and improve soil health and help mitigate climate change.    

The Green Center began investigating the EcoDrum in 2007 when it was first developed in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, we have been promoting it publicly to planning officials as an ideal method of recovering and recycling waste nutrients on Cape Cod. Read more about the EcoDrum here.

A brief history of the EcoDrum’s journey to Falmouth…

2010  first proposed to Falmouth as partial alternative to $600 million of sewers being planned.

2011   Falmouth ‘Eco-Toilet Summit’ –  EcoDrum proposed to Falmouth to safely recover and recycle waste human nutrients from eco-toilets, to eliminate need for sewers. 

2012   Green Center proposed the EcoDrum as a tool for nutrient recovery/recycling to the Cape Cod Commission as it developed a county-wide Wastewater Management Plan. We introduced the idea to officials from the MA Dept. of Environmental Protection, the EPA regional office, and all town governments on Cape Cod.

2013  Green Center established Cape Cod  Eco-toilet Center public information center.

2014  Developed proposal for Regional-Scale  Nutrient Recovery and Recycling  for Cape Cod as long-term solution to nutrient loading of groundwater, including a proposal for an “EcoDrum Composting Treatment Works” to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

2019   First Ecodrum on Cape Cod, at the Coonamessett Farm Foundation,  East Falmouth

2019  Washington State passes a law permitting EcoDrums  to be used for composting deceased humans as an ecological alternative to burial or cremation.

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