We made it to Separett’s newsletter!

hybrid - best image in colorIn our never-ending search for the best eco-toilets, we studied the Separett eco-toilets developed in Sweden. Separett specializes in urine-diverting toilets, and modular compost bins instead of a single large container. We discovered that one new model, a urine-diverting composting toilet, had not been brought to the US yet.

So, we imported two of them and found that the commode/seat/urine-diversion features were very advanced, but the composting system was not. So we combined a Separett seat onto a Full Circle composting bin system, and found that the resulting hybrid eco-toilet was successful and practical.

Since we used only the seat of the Separett, and not the fan, chimney, and other parts, we figured that the cost could be reduced with a made-to-order seat with a simpler shape and with minimum necessary parts.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.36.52 PMWe wrote this all to the Separett company, which recently found it included in the following newsletter showing Separett’s activities around the world.

Click here to read our letter to Separett CEO Mikael Billsund, reporting on the results of our hybrid model.

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