Incinerating toilets burn all waste, destroying nitrogen in the process but recovering all other mineral nutrients in a small amount of ash. Incinerating toilets keep all human waste nutrients out of wastewater and destroy all pathogens.

Incinerating toilets remove 90% of nitrogen and 99% of phosphorus from the house wastewater.
Save 6000 gallons of water/person/year.

“Cinderella” Incinerating Toilet


Electrical Version – Cinderella “Comfort”
Propane Version – Cinderella “Freedom” (cannot use natural gas)
— simple to use – push one button
— no water, no plumbing connection, can freeze without damage
— capacity up to 12 people
— capacity 4 sequential uses per hour (max 6 uses per hour)
(incineration process pauses during next use)
(time of burn for one use 1-3 hours)
— burning auto-adjusts to amount of waste
— uses outdoor combustion air
— catalyst in exhaust pipe destroys odors
— ashes — can be used a fertilizer; ashes are pathogen-free;
— ashes produced by 4 people per week = 1 cup
— made in Norway, marketed in Canada and US
— $4000 – $4200

“Cinderella" Incinerating Toilet

Costs of incinerating all waste = feces, urine and toilet paper
— electricity costs $1-$1.20/day, (uses 1.0 kwh per use)
$435/yr for one person annually (2190 uses per person/yr)
— propane costs about $1.50/day for one person

Costs of incinerating only solids = feces and toilet paper
— electricity costs would be about 1/9 of the above cost or about

Cinderella unisex urinal toilet & Cinderella incinerating toilet

If a urine diverting toilet is used with an incinerating toilet,
the cost for electricity would be about 1/9 as much.

Cinderella unisex urinal toilet

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