Waterless Urine-only ToiletsWaterless Urine Diverting Composting Toilets
Urine Diverting Flush Toilets

Waterless Urine-Only Toilets

”Cinderella” waterless urinal toilet


”Cinderella” waterless urinal toilet

Waterless Urine Diverting Composting Toilets


…“waterless urine-diverting eco-toilet systems reduced the nitrogen in the septic tank effluent by 90% and reduced the phosphorus in the septic tank effluent by 99%.”

A composting toilet saves 6000 gallons of water/person/year.

Chart showing total nitrogen and total phosphorous concentrations in wastewater

Separett “Villa”


Separett waterless urine diverting composting toilet -Solid waste is collect in bucket under seat or in
a modular bin in the floor below for further treatment -Urine is stored in a small tank inside or a container in a basement or outside https://separett.com

Separett "Villa"
Separett "Villa" removing bucket
Separett "Villa" diagram

Hybrid Separett/Full Circle urine-diverting composting toilet

It combines a waterless, urine-diverting toilet from Sweden, and a modular-bin composting system from Vermont. The result is an eco-toilet that is pleasant for the user, waterless, urine-diverting, energy efficient, meets high sanitation standards, is easy to use and maintain, and recovers virtually all the nutrients.

Hybrid Separett diagram
Hybrid Separett photo

Separette Villa 9220

This Urine-Diverting (UD) toilet has 2 compartments. The front for urine and the back for feces, toilet paper, pine wood shavings and if desired, paper towels and facial tissue. The toilet has a cover (guard) over the chute when not in use, that opens when someone sits on the toilet seat. The guard screens the chute from view and prevents objects from falling in.

After each deposit of feces, one half cup of pine wood shavings is put into the chute. This improves the composting process.

Full Circle Composting System

This system is a series of interchangeable wheeled composting containers located on the floor below the bathroom, typically in the basement.

When the active container fills, it is disconnected from chute, capped, set aside nearby, connected to aeration, and allowed to compost for further retention time.

Extremely low operating cost. Electricity per year to operate 2 toilets costs $40.15. Cost to remove nitrogen is only $1/per pound , compared to $180-700+/pound with an I/A septic systems and $ 300+/pound with a sewer systems. Our savings also include 4000 gallons less water purchased and continuous supply of free fertilizer.

A New, User-Friendly, Urine Diverting,
Waterless, Composting Eco-Toilet

A New, User-Friendly, Urine Diverting,
 Waterless, Composting Eco-Toilet Report

Urine Diverting Flush Toilets

Wostman “Eco Flush”” Urine diverting flush toilet


Only urine-diverting flush toilet available in the USA (imported)
Urine is diverted, solid wastes are flushed
Urine is piped to storage container in a basement or outside

Urine diverting flush toilet
Urine diverting flush toilet
Urine diverting flush toilet

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