In a hilarious and witty spin on Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video, Martha’s Vineyard’s own Bridget Conlon encourages the use of urine as fertilizer. Peeing in a Ball jar has never been so sexy.


Toilet to Table

Could human urine fertilize food on a commercial scale and close the nutrition cycle? Working with the Rich Earth Institute of Brattleboro, Vermont, a group of University of Michigan researchers is working to find out.



In this short and funny whiteboard animation, learn more about “Eco-San”: how energy and water can be saved and how life-essential nutrients can be recycled. “Sanimation” is an academic message served in a charming low-tech manner, asking viewers to “give a shit.”


Saving Paradise: Cape Cod’s Water at Risk

Why should we care about nutrient pollution in the first place? In this short video, a shell fisherman in East Falmouth, a retiree in Eastham, and an artist in Santuit are connected by a common thread: nutrient pollution from septic systems, fertilizer and stormwater runoff that is impacting their lives in very real ways.

Produced by UnderCurrent Productions for the Association to Preserve Cape Cod.


The Costs of Clean Water

This citizens’ forum, organized by the Falmouth Climate Action Team in March 2014, discusses the Cape’s water quality issues. Hilde Maingay, Ron Zweig, Earle Barnhart and Doug Brown examine the cost-benefits of  Falmouth’s comprehensive wastewater management plan, which calls for limited sewering, shellfish aquaculture, eco-toilets, and other “adaptive management” strategies.


Amherst Live: The Poop Taboo

Gabriel Arboleda, a professor of sustainable architecture at Hampshire College, explores a hidden subculture of composting toilet enthusiasts in Western Massachusetts, and what they can tell us about our own horror of poop.


Sustainable Cape Cod Conference

Hilde Maingay and Earle Barnhart share their perspective on a new ecological order with a national and regional audience at Sustainable Cape Cod, a three-day conference held in Hyannis, MA in October 2012.


Waste Not, Want Not

Trailer for WASTE NOT, WANT NOT, a proposed feature documentary project that examines the hidden consequences of our society’s attitude towards waste, from Cape Cod to the Gulf of Mexico.

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