UD TOilet

urine-diverting flush toilet is similar to a typical flush toilet, but features a double bowl separating the urine from the solids. The urine is piped to a storage container while the solids (feces and paper) are flushed away with water to a hybrid eco-toilet or a septic tank.

The Dubbletten
The Dubbletten

Most UD toilets have an optional urine flush button to spray a mini-flush of water into the urine bowl.

There are several UD flush toilets on the market:

  • Dubbletten’s porcelain toilet commode uses 0.2 cups for urine flush and 1 gallon for the solids.  This can be adjusted to less than 1 gallon.
  • Eco-Flush made by Wostman is a porcelain toilet commode that uses .05 gallons for urine flushing and .66 gallons for the solids.

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