The following regulations pertain to the use of eco-toilets in the state of Massachusetts. View the full regulations here.

Title 5: 510 CMR 15.000

Alternative Toilets are FIXTURES and must follow the rules of Uniform Plumbing Code: 248 CMR 10.00

Alternative Toilets are SYSTEMS and must also follow NSF-41 standards.

Definition of an Alternative System: 510 CMR 15.000

Required Approvals: 510 CMR 15.000

Design perimeters: 510 CMR 15.289

Storage of Composted Solids: 310 CMR 15.289 (3)(a)(3)

Disposal of Human Waste Compost Residuals: 310 CMR 15.289
– Burial by owner
– Removal by maintenance person
– Removal by licensed hauler

Beneficial reuse of Residuals: 310 CMR 15.504

Leachate discharge through a graywater system: 310 CMR 15.100-15.293

Leachate and/or graywater removal by licensed septic hauler: 310 CMR 15.100-15.293

Nitrogen removal credit: 310 CMR 15.214

Leach field reduction: 310 CMR 15.242

Urinals: 248 CMR 10.00 Uniform State Plumbing Code

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