Green Classroom Curriculum

January 8, 2019

Green Classroom cover

Due to renewed interest in science-based learning for children, we’re making available a gardening curriculum published by the New Alchemy Institute in 1988. The Green Classroom is a tested, convenient way for teachers to provide garden-focused knowledge to today’s students, with practical benefits in a climate-challenged world.

Developed by Judith Salisbury, the lessons are organized by months from September – June, including classroom study, science experiments, and establishing an outdoor garden. Each month topics were investigated, including vegetables, seeds, plant biology, seasons, insects, soil life, composting, soil, pesticides, fertilizer, trees, geology, and more. The curriculum was used by every 4th grade class in Falmouth, and all the participating elementary schools had a garden at the school for hands-on experience, and experiments.

Download a PDF version of A Teacher’s Manual for the Green Classroom – A Garden-Based Science Curriculum

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