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The following videos were produced by The Green Center. Subscribe to the Greenway YouTube channel for updates as more videos are added!

Cape Cod Ark

A real life version of a Greenway, where Green Center founders Earle and Hilde live. Produced by Levi Baruch.

Follow the Water

(Animated by Lily Ericsson)

Water tubes

(Animated by Lily Ericsson)

Built a compost box in less than 2 minutes (and reduce your carbon footprint)

Simplest, most adaptable siphon for aquaponics

Escape to the Cape Cod Ark

Published on CapeCast from The Cape Cod Times on Feb. 9, 2015

How can we keep Cape Cod waters clean?

An 8-page publication ilustrated by Molly Bang, with support from the Falmouth Climate Action Team, The Green Center, GreenCAPE, Water Alliance, and the Coonamessett Farm Foundation.

4 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I am 92 years old and thinking of old friend Barbnaa Chase who I believe was involved in the beginning of Alchemy I wondred if you still existed and happy to learn that you are I wll be reading about iyour great efforts Pat


    • Hi Mike! Sorry for the delay in responding to your query about visiting. Please write to Hilda and Earle at capecodalchemists(at) to schedule a visit.


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