Zweig Ponds

The most sophisticated version of solar pond aquaculture at New Alchemy was an aquaponic system developed by Ron Zweig. Fish are grown in a solar pond and lettuce grows hydroponically on the surface. For more information, please read An Integrated Fish Culture Hydroponic Vegetable Production System by Ron Zweig, from  Aquaculture Magazine, May/June 1986.

An advantage of this system is its structural simplicity: no electric water pumps, no water pipes, no filters, no clarifiers, no plant rooting media, etc. It is a modular, mobile unit. They have worked successfully both outdoors and in greenhouses.

For more information about growing fish and vegetables in solar ponds, read Earle Barnhart’s summary of Zweig Pond Aquaponics.

Simplest, most adaptable siphon for aquaponics